Innovate – make all ideas come to the surface

Embracing diversity and democratic dialogue –
Reinventing co-innovation and collaboration!

Our passion is to help our customers to go beyond the obvious and stay ahead of the game!

Unleash people’s creative power

AGILS – why, what and how?

We have discovered there are lots of great ideas that will never surface. This presents a challenge when you want to succeed and stay ahead of the game.

What, if you could find new ideas and solutions fast and efficiently? What, if you could engage people on a level playing field without traditional hierarchies? Or, maybe just let go of typical remote tools and the same old post-it workshops.

Imagine, if you could go beyond the obvious together by:

  • Unleashing creative thinking
  • Elevating dialogue and interaction

AGILS reinvents co-innovation. It engages into democratic co-creation and makes all ideas come to the surface.

AGILS helps you to harness all available brainpower to go beyond the obvious by providing an immersive collaboration and co-innovation experience.

AGILS embraces diversity and inclusion, and enhances creativity. Attention is focused on what is being said instead of who is saying it.

Results can be groundbreaking, be it related to operational or business development in organizations or sharing of experiences in a peer group. 

AGILS features a scientific-based behavior model integrated with a safe and inspiring virtual 3D environment built on gaming technology.

“Wow, I did not know our people are so innovative!”

Mika Niemelä, CEO, Mediware: “Our management team received more useful ideas in a 45-minute session than in traditional meetings over a year.”
Helena Miettinen (EU/DiHUB): “Results improved 100 %”.
Participant: “It felt like we were in the same room – opposite to all other remote tools!”

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