Our story

We created AGILS to help to dig out innovative ideas and insights never otherwise created or uncovered.

While coaching and training in organizations, we started getting a feeling there is a considerable number of innovative worthwhile ideas hanging about however never coming to the surface. This presents a true challenge for organizations who want to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. 

We decided to focus on tackling two major barriers hindering co-innovation, people coming up with novel ideas and solutions. The first one has to do with the quality of interaction and dialogue, the second one with teasing out the creative powers of the mind.

By offering a level playing field where our real-life identities are hidden, we eliminate the handicapping effect of silos, hierarchies, rigid work roles and limiting pre-conceptions. When you do not know who is behind the other character a free flow of conversation – typical for creative co-thinking –   will take care of itself without any extra effort. The rest will follow. “What” is being said becomes more interesting than “who” is saying it.

From the latest neuroscientific research we learn that new insights come from any circumstance in which the brain has a hard time predicting what will happen next. By offering a novel stimulus — either a new piece of information or an unfamiliar environment – we help ourselves to see things we didn’t see before. The more radical the change, the greater the likelihood of fresh insights and ideas.

In creating AGILS we decided to be bold and create something that was not there before – something having extraordinary powers to solve the challenges it was set to. In a revolutionary way, we have combined opportunities a state-of-the-art virtual world and a unique science based behavioral model offer.

AGILS reinvents co-innovation and collaboration – and it works!

PhD, Master of Music Eija Mäkirintala

First Coaching Doctor in Finland
PhD (Behavioral Sciences)
Inspirational speaker
Experienced top performance coach and trainer
Start-up mentor
Specialist in arts derived methods
Non-fiction writer (Author)
Professional musician

Email: eija@agimmersive.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 7949164235
Mobile: +358 (0) 451335845

Olli-Pekka Mäkirintala, PhD, MSc (Econ.)

Management consultant, supervisor and coach, International business and software production professional
Expert in sustainability development, lean, lean start-up and agile transformations.

Email: olli-pekka@agimmersive.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 7593602674
Mobile: +358 (0) 405541031
Twitter: @makirint

Our passion is to help our customers to go beyond the obvious and stay ahead of the game!

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